LQNPA, Thursday 3-15, #57: The Woman Who Couldn't Admit to Being Jealous

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We start right in with Gus and Cinthia.  He wishes he'd sent the flowers, but he didn't think of it in time.  He's got three dinner options, though…he's interrupted by the maid, bringing in the card for the flowers.  David, of course, promising not to cause any more problems.  She doesn't tell Gus who it was, but he doesn't blame the guy, whoever he is.  Cause she's so hot and sensitive and decided.  Pfft!  He's glad she's actually trying to give things a go instead of just running her mouth.
Rogelio doesn't know Gustavo's last name.  He talks about him being an engineer and maybe coming to work there.  Rog remembers that Paula's boyfriend was also named Gustavo.  They start to get into an argument again because of her conviction that he had Gustavo beaten.  Rog flips his wig and breaks some knickknacks before wheeling out of her room at high speed.
Esteban and Chio have finished their date and she tries to get him to come upstairs.  He's definitely buying what she's selling.
Cinthia comes home from her date all giddy and is startled by Efrain, waiting up for her.  He tries to suggest they get it on in the living room, but she insists it's O-V-E-R!  Well, Efrain doesn't care.  He says she'll always be his and earns himself a slap.  Cin threatens to rat him out to Rogelio.  She tells him to go hang out with Ulises and his family on their vacation and just leave her alone already.
Ana Paula is really freaked out thinking Cin's Gustavo is also "her" Gustavo.  Dany doesn't think it's possible, but Ana Paula is doing the relationship map and coming to the correct conclusion.  She's distraught to think Gustavo could love anything but her.  Dany says she'd better get used to the idea.  "You broke up!  You can't expect him to wait around for you for an hour and a half!"  Well, AP can't stand the idea of him loving someone else.  "He can't be with Cinthia! He can't!"  Hey, look who's sounding like big sister Vanessa.
Cinthia tells Elsa about her hot date.  She's sure they would have kissed, if she'd wanted.  They discuss strategy.  Elsa thinks Cin should send herself flowers and turn down another date with Gus.  "He'll forget all about that ex-girlfriend, and for good.  He'll be all yours!"
AP calls Gustavo, but the connection isn't great.  He asks if she's divorced yet, hopefully, but she says she won't be divorced so soon.  He wants nothing more to do with her and asks her not to waste his time.  AP says she has to know who he was going out with while they were apart.  "Where the hell do you get off asking me that?!"  He tells her to quit bugging him so he can get on with his life.  AP passes the sentiment on to Dany and Dany agrees with Gus.  She defends her decision not to tell Gus the truth, which Dany doesn't agree with.  AP finally agrees that Gustavo has a right to be happy, even if it's not with her.
Rosaura tries to play nice with Rogelio, but he's having none of it.  "What do you want now?"  A favor, of course.  "Don't turn me against my niece."  Rosaura insists she's on Rog's side.  She read the contract and she thinks it was good Rog is getting the extra days.  "The thing is, I read how I can be her representative…"Rog tells her to quit pimping out her niece.
AP can't stand the thought of her and Gus being apart when they love each other so much.  Dany reminds her she made her self-sacrificing bed and now she's gotta lie in it.  "Set him free and quit tormenting yourself!"  Dany says if she goes looking for him after this whole contract is over and they still love each other, then nothing can keep them apart.
Rosaura says pimpin' ain't easy…even though she swears she's not pimping!  She says she doesn't have a power of attorney, but she thinks she can get it.  Rogelio tells her to forget it.  He only put that clause in there because she told him she had power of attorney already.  Rosaura thinks he'll be singing a different tune when he needs her to help him extend the contract.  Rogelio is sneeringly amused.
Esteban and Gus talk about Vanessa.  Esteban is pissed that Van went to San Gabriel.  He admits he's trying to give it a go with Chio.  He reminds Gus that he's wanting kids for a long time and he thinks Chio is an ideal brood mare.  Esteban opines that it's possible to love many different people in different ways, and if Vanessa didn't want to be the mother of his children, then it's time for him to move on.  Gus agrees, "It's one thing to love a woman and another to pine for her when she doesn't want you.  Enough waiting around for these women!"  "Yeah, they'll find someone to love them, but not someone to beg!"  I roll my eyes at the two of them.  They say that now, but by this time next week, Esteban will be whining about Vanessa again and Gus will be back to his chest-heaving scrunchy-faced alter-ego again.
More whining on AP's part about Gus wanting someone else, thinking the contract is unfair, etc.  And Dany telling her to get over herself.
Vanessa likes the look of her new San Gabriel offices.  There's even room for her to live there, if she doesn't want to live at Bruno's place.  David encourages her to not stay at Bruno's.  He offers to handle the remodeling, but Vanessa only lets him be in charge of putting up a sign for the office.  She tells the boys that they need to get to work already so that Rogelio can quit having everything his way.
Ana Paula, wearing the tangerine version of the red dress Vanessa's currently wearing, sashays into Rogelio's office. He wants them to go into town and AP figures she'll use the visit as an opportunity to pick up supplies for Don Abel's visit.  Rog says they'll be making a lot more public appearances now.  He needles her about wanting to be rid of him.  AP muses that she wishes things could be different between them, but "You don’t get to choose who you love."  "Yeah, don't I know it."
Team Evil continues to strategize.  If they want to buy Rancho La Negra, but David's flat broke, Bruno doesn't have more than a fourth.  Vanessa's going to have to bankroll Team Evil.  She agrees and tells Bruno to start the negotiations and keep things quiet.  Then they'll cut off Rogelio's water supply.  But what about telling Cinthia?  Vanessa offers to explain to Cinthia that it's only temporary and they'll turn the water back on once she has her part of the hacienda back.
Yes, Chio and Esteban did the nasty.  Mercedes is happy for them.  Chio swears she's in luuuuuuuurve.  Mercedes is still determined not to get back together with Ernesto.
Rogelio's in town, at the fonda, and he sees David.  He calls him a jerk for sending the cops to the hacienda.  "I told you to drop the thing with the truck." "No, you told me to harm him."  Rog warns David to leave AP and her family alone.  David waves his big…ego…around, talking about how Rogelio wll be sorry when he sees what David builds on the land that Rogelio wanted to buy.  Rogelio knows David can't afford to build on it himself, and cracks up laughing at the idea of someone forming a business partnership with David.   "What idiot would do that?!"  Vanessa walks in and announces that she is that idiot.
Bruno's hench sees Maripaz in Tuxtla.  She tries to get away from him, but without her parents around, he won't back down.
Vanessa and David try to make Rogelio nervous about their partnership.  Vanessa tells Rog that she bought the land in Boca del Cielo.  Rog just laughs, saying she has no idea what kind of scorpion she just let climb onto her back!  Vanessa looks nervous.
Rosaura tries to talk AP into signing over power of attorney, saying it's just a thing rich people do.  Plus, then AP won't have to discuss her contract with Rogelio…her loving Pimp can take care of it for her.  Rosaura encourages her to ask Bruno.  AP says no way will she ever sign anything else without having a lawyer explain it to her.  Justino, who’s been left in charge of the store while Ulises is away, and who is unfortunately played by an actor whose agent couldn't get him a better deal and therefore has no lines, just shrugs and shakes his head when AP asks if he's heard anything from the family.
Rog tells Vanessa he doesn't think her dad would have approved of her getting into construction.  David and Vanessa keep trying to get the better of Rogelio, telling him Cinthia is working with them.  Rog says he won't allow that.
Rutilio is still trying to make a play for an increasingly nervous Maripaz.  Efrain comes up and gets Rutilio to go away.  Maripaz tells him that Rutilio scares her.
Rogelio says he knows they're trying to piss him off.  "What do you think you're doing?  Turning my sister against me?"  Looks like it's working. He angrily warns them that they aren't going to take advantage of Cinthia.  Vanessa completely disingenuously tells him that they have no ill will towards him…"Besides, we're partners.  There's no reason for us not to get along."
Gus visits Cinthia and brings her a rose.  "I shouldn't have forgotten about you.  I hope there's still time to fix that."  Cin starts to kiss him, but pulls back and gives him a peck on the cheek.  She plays it cool, saying she's glad he's moving on with his life.  Gus moves in for the hardcore smoochies.  Which might be more convincing if he didn't look like he was having to work so hard to talk himself into doing it.
Rogelio knows they're up to no good.  AP walks in with Rosaura, announcing she's got all the ingredients she needs.  Vanessa mocks her, saying she's not only a nurse, now she's also a cook.  She and AP start to throw down, but Rogelio tells them to quit fighting like a couple of greengrocers.  Vanessa tells them that she's opening an office in San Gabriel, so they'll be seeing quite a lot of each other.  Vanessa tells AP she's just upset because she knows that Vanessa is more of a woman than she is…then she lays quite the liplock on Rogelio.  And the dumbass participates quite enthusiastically, leaving AP to just stare at the two of them confused.  Screw that…I want to see some hair pulling already!
Cinthia is glad she's together with Gus again.  She tells him if his ex shows up again…"Don't worry, she already looked me up and I told her I was getting on with my life.  Not that I'm proposing or anything."
Rosaura's the one who pulls Vanessa off of Rogelio and continues the verbal banter.  Vanessa brings up the blackmail money Rosaura took.  She plays innocent and drags AP out of there.  Rog starts to go after them, then turns back and tells Vanessa not to pull another stunt like that.  "I love my wife."  Vanessa says if he loves his wife, he wouldn't be responding to her the way he was.  "You married her because she reminds you of me."  As she paws his face, Rogelio ponders this.
Gus is ready to get on with his life.  Cin is ready to help him.  By smooching him.
AP fumes and Rosaura tries to talk her down.  She's pissed that Rogelio let her kiss him.  She's grossed out that he's been macking on 2 sisters.  Rosaura insists she's just jealous.  AP wants to get the heck out of there.  Rosaura looks like she's thinking that little display from Vanessa wasn't such a bad thing.
Ernesto comes over to visit Mercedes and bring her flowers and insist they should get back together again. He's sure with a little family therapy, his daughter will get over it.  Mercedes isn't going to see him in secret.
Hugo tells Rog that AP already left with Jacinto.  He borrows Hugo's phone to call Cinthia.  She finally answers and he asks her about working with David and Vanessa.  "They're only using you to piss me off!"  He reminds her that she has no work experience and they have no reason to hire her.  Cinthia is determined to prove to him she can do it.  She hangs up on him after refusing to come home.  Gus looks bothered by her side of the conversation.
Mercedes finally talks Ernesto into leaving her alone until after Marcella's ok with them being together.
David doesn't think Vanessa's display was such a good idea.  Bruno comes in with bad news--La Negra's owner's sister is on her way.  I don't understand why this is bad news, but Bruno says they have to keep it from Rogelio that the hacienda is up for sale or he'll definitely try to buy it so he can expand.
Miguel and Dany are having a nice quiet chat when AP comes home in a right snit about Rogelio.  Rosaura gives Miguel the gossip.  Maria fumes about Vanessa upsetting Rogelio.
Cinthia pouts about Rogelio not believing in her.  Gus thinks what Cin is doing proves that she's not just trying to get married to get her inheritance, but is trying to make her own way.  Cin says she doesn't care if the guy has money or not, she's going to marry whoever she wants.  Efrain comes in to announce he's going to drag her home, even if he has to do it by force.  He grabs her arm, but Gustavo intervenes.
Maria continues fuming about Vanessa.  Rosaura tells her to quit fussing and get work.  She refuses to give Maria the recipe AP was going to use, since she figures Maria can't read.  Maria shoots back that Rosaura doesn't seem to be too educated herself.  She tries to get Rosaura to help her with the cooking, but Rosaura swishes away, saying she has to go comfort her niece.
Efrain doesn't want to have to explain to Rogelio why he came home without Cinthia, so Gus says he'll do it.
AP continues her jealous tirade to Miguel.  He offers to quit therapy so she won't owe Rogelio any more, but both AP and Dany say he's got to keep going.
Rogelio's cell rings. Efrain tells him he couldn't drag Cinthia away, but Gus got in his way.  Rogelio bitches that he always has to do everything himself.  He fires Efrain.
Gus insists on confronting Rogelio and insists on Cinthia coming with him.  He says no one will lock her up, and if they do, he'll spring her!
Rogelio asks Dany and Miguel to clear out so he can talk to Paula.  He's pissed at her for leaving and taking the truck.  "Well, you said whatever's yours is mine, right?"  Rogelio agrees, it's all hers, starting with him.  AP fumes that he's the one ugly thing  on this beautiful hacienda and slaps him.  Well, I knew someone was getting smacked, I just think it was going to go down quite like that.
Tomorrow: Rog accuses AP of being jealous; Gustavo confronts Rogelio at the hacienda.

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