LQNPA (La que no podía amar) 3-13-12, Cap 55: Too many Gustavitos and too much endless complaining

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La que no podía amar, Cap 55, March 13, 2012
Too many Gustavitos and too much endless complaining.

This recap will be fully baked sometime in the AM, but I wanted to get a placeholder up here with a brief overview. Plus a gratuitous Jorge Salinas screenshot. [UPDATE: RECAP IS FINALLY DONE!]

Rohell reacting to one of the many times that Cupcake goes into his office to complain and tell him how much she hates him. This happens throughout the episode. Lather, rinse, repeat.

* Rohell gives Cupcake a copy of the contract; not only does it say that for every day she's gone, 10 days will be added to her sentence (we already knew about this) — it also says that if he feels like it, he can extend the contract as long as he pays her extra (double, triple, whatever). Cupcake freaks out over this and rips him a new one.

* Cupcake spends a lot of time telling Rohell how much she hates him, ripping him a new one every ten minutes, blah blah blah.

* Rohell is stubborn and patient simultaneously. For a guy who likes to wallow in self-pity, he seems pretty confident that eventually he'll wear her down . . . errr, win her over. He uses sad puppydog eyes on her and tells her he loves her, she's changing him, it won't happen overnight but he's trying, blah blah blah. She gives him these impatient petulant schoolgirl sighs and disdainful sidewards glances in return.

* Rohell tells Maria how he will win over Cupcake, but her constant anger and insults are hard to bear.  He's in it for the long haul, blah blah.

* Rohell is a douche to poor Consuelo. I know it's probably a small point in the night's episode, but it bothered me. Rohell is looking for Gustavo's business card on his desk, Consuelo is unfortunate enough to be there, he asks her to help him look, and when she can't do it fast enough/read his mind, he snaps his whip on his desk and tells her she's useless. She runs away crying. YOU ARE A DOUCHE, ROHELL. Well, fortunately Cupcake walked in at that moment and told him essentially the same thing. Good for her, I say.

* Consuelo runs out and runs into Miguel, who is sober. He is charming to her and you can see that they're going to form a friendship. Miguel apologizes for his whole slashing wrists thing earlier.

* Rohell complains that there are two Gustavos annoying him right now: Sinthia's Gustavo, and Cupcake's former novio, Gustavo. "All these Gustavitos are causing me trouble!" he declares. I thought that was funny. I think I may have to call Gustavo "Gustavito" from now on.

* Sinthia, David, and Vainessa agree to make Rohell's (and Cupcake's) life more miserable. Sinthia defies Rohell and won't return home when he snaps his fingers. He vows to go after her.

* Things are getting more friendly between Gus and Sinthia.

* Ernesto declares his intention to marry Mersnotty ASAP. Unfortunately his little snot of a daughter doesn't like Mersnotty.

* Skelator (Bruno) and Tia plot and plan. There's a clause in the contract that says Tia can act as power of attorney (sort of?) for Cupcake, but they need to get Cupcake to agree to it. If Tia has power of attorney, she can extend Rohell's contract for Cupcake.

* David tells Rohell that he sold the beachfront land to someone else. He tries to say that it's just that someone else offered more money, but Rohell knows it's because David wanted to p*ss off  Rohell. David reminds Rohell that they've had business earlier, like when David said that Miguel stole the truck, because Rohell asked him to. Uh-oh!

LONGER RECAP (finally completed)

We resume with Rohell giving Cupcake a copy of the contract, so she'll know he's on the level. Ominous music plays as the contract changes hands.

We also resume with the little spat between David, Gustavito, and Sinthia. Sinthia manages to break apart David's and Gustavito's fisticuffs and sends David on his way. She apologizes to Gustavito and explains that David isn't taking rejection well. Gustavito vows to not let that jerk bother her anymore and they hug.

Back in Rohell's office, he's explaining that he wants her to know exactly what the contract says, even though, he reminds her, he's offered her the contract before, and she either didn't read it or tore it up. "We're going to be together here for many months—not as long as I'd like" and then he says he hopes they'll learn to get along (or something like that) in the time left.

Rohell offers her the contract AGAIN.
Maybe this time she'll, you know, actually read it? Dare we hope?
As she leaves the office after telling him she'll look at the contract, he has a dejected, barren look on his face.
He sighs and does his trademark sad puppydog eyes thing.
Back at Vain's house, David approaches Effer and offers to pay him something to keep an eye on Sinthia. David assumes that Effer's interest in Sinthia is mostly due to Rohell being overprotective and sending Effer to be Sin's watchdog. Effer asks, what does David want him to do?

No puedo creer. Our little Cupcake STILL does not read the freakin' contract! She hands it over to Bruno to read first. Now granted, I don't think Bruno is going to pull a fast one on her, but isn't she at least a little bit curious to see it herself first? What is her malfunction?

Cupcake hands over a copy of the contract to Bruno, who is amazed that Rohell let her see it (again). He's eager to pore over it and she asks him to look for any possible loophole so she can escape Rohell's company sooner than the expected six months.

Bruno, forever trying to poison the Cupcake against Rohell, says that Rohell's gesture of handing over the contract must have some ulterior motive—Rohell never does anything without some hidden agenda. Cupcake says that Rohell claims he did it just so she'd know he was sincere and wasn't hiding anything. Bruno tries to plant the seed of doubt in her mind.

Cupcake wants Bruno to look for some sort of clause or loophole that will get her outta there sooner. She still has hopes of getting Gustavito back. (Like, why? So he can dump her again the minute she doesn't live up to his super-high standards? Just saying.) She realizes that as time passes, her chances of nabbing the Guscake diminish, as he'll be more apt to move on. (Newsflash, HE ALREADY IS!! LOL.) Bruno feigns interest and says that if she'll be happy with the Gustavito, he'll be happy for her.

Sinthia is having a nice conversation with the Gustavito. She's glad they're still able to be friends, and also she's nervous because instead of being a lazy, self-indulgent, idle leech and layabout, she's actually going to start being a productive member of society and earn a living she's going to work. Gustavito says encouraging things to her and we have smiles.

Sinthia and the Gustavito have a nice conversation.
A HILARIOUS exchange between Tia MentiRosa and Maria. Tia demands in a haughty tone that Maria fix her some beans right now. Maria tells her that Rohell has proclaimed that Tia eats with the servants in the kitchen. Tia is offended, proclaiming that she is NONE OTHER THAN THE TIA OF SEÑORA MONTERO!! So there! But Maria doesn't give a crap. If Tia wants someone to fetch and carry for her, she'll have to look elsewhere.

Maria's "don't give a crap" face is a wonder to behold.
Dani is speaking to Rohell about Miguel's therapy, to assist Miguel in overcoming his desire to embrace his drunken lifestyle. Dani says that shipping in the therapist to the Hacienda is just too costly but it's inconvenient to have the therapy sessions in town. Rohell insists that money is no object; what is most important is that Miguel get the help he needs. He reminds her that any cost for therapy is part of the deal he has with Cupcake. Dani thanks him and leaves, and then he gets a phone call from Effer. Effer gets him up to date with the scuffle between David and the Gustavito. When Rohell asks for Sin on the phone, Effer gleefully replies that Sin has taken off with Gustavito and told him not to follow. At this Rohell gets all vexed and tells him that you don't ask to follow someone, you just do!

Tia is kvetching to Cupcake about having to eat in the kitchen. Cupcake goes off to talk with Rohell about it. After she's gone, Bruno rolls his eyes at Tia's ranting about the darn kitchen and tells her that they have other things to worry about—like the contract. He's off to read it now.

Rohell leaves a terse message with Sin to call him back. Then he starts looking for the Gustavito's business card in his desk stuff. Consuelo comes in with some paperwork and he asks her to help him look. She wants to know what the Gustavito's last name is. He yells at her that if he knew the last name, he wouldn't need her help! He then says if she somehow threw away the card . . . and then he WHACKS his darn whip on his desk, implying that this is what he'll do to her! (But I don't think he would. Imagine him whipping sweet little Consuelito, especially for something so idiotic? I mean, Rohell is a douchebag but not that much of one!) But anyway, he's still a big DOUCHEBAG! He orders her out and poor Consuelo is so upset she's in tears.

Look at poor Consuelo cringe. Rohell, you are a DICK!!!
Cupcake hears the tail end of this and rightfully rips him a new one for being such a petulant, impatient, bullying douchebag. And I am 100% with her there. All during this scene with Consuelo, I was yelling at the screen, "ASS! ASS!" He is such a dick here. And you know how I love my Angry Man in the Black Cowboy Hat, but I call them as I see them!

Ripping him a new one.
Cupcake specifically says that here he is, treating someone else in a way to make them feel bad; she's not surprised that he's done the same with her aunt (who is like a second mother to her! *cough*) by making her eat in the kitchen. Cupcake says if he wants it that way, she'll eat in the kitchen too, with the people she really cares about.

Annoying scene with Ernesto, his snotty daughter, and Mersnotty. They are having ice cream cones. Snotty daughter can't be more hostile. She even presses (with great deliberation) her ice cream cone into Mersnotty's boob. Ernesto responds with a half-hearted protest at the little brat. FF>>

With great deliberation, she presses her ice cream cone into Mersnotty's top.
We then resume the conversation with Cupcake and Rohell. Rohell is angry, tells her that her place is by him, her husband, which means she eats with him. Cupcake replies that she's his wife for show, but she doesn't have to put up with his crap in private and tolerate him humiliating her family. Rohell tries, in a somewhat impatient, roundabout way, to clue in Cupcake about the real Tia. He hesitates before saying it, but he does spill it—she'd sell you. Cupcake of course doesn't believe it. You can see her falter for a moment, but in the end she just can't believe that Tia would do that, it's just that she's got a different perspective on life, since she's sick and doesn't want to work and has sacrificed so much to raise Cupcake and Miguel.

The picture says it all. Endless conflict with the Cupcake wears him down.
Cupcake even tells Rohell that Tia was instrumental in talking her into the marriage to Rohell, and encouraged her to forget the (supposedly dead) novio, and to make the best of the marriage. (In other words, Tia is a Rogeliana. LOL.) Rohell laughs and finds this ironic, presumably because he knows the real reasons why Tia is pushing Cupcake on him—because she sold the Cupcake! 

Maria interrupts and Rohell tells her that MentiRosa is to eat with them in the terrace after all—but he's very clear in saying it's NOT because HE wants Tia there, but only to please his wife.

Consuelo runs out (after being treated like crap by Rohell) and runs into Miguel, who is doing his carpentry work. She calls him "joven" (young man) and he says, don't call me that, I'm just Miguel! He's really quite comforting and charming when he sees how distressed she is. He apologizes for the wrist-slashing drama. She feels a lot better after this encounter. FF>>

Ernesto and Mersnotty. His daughter is a little snot. Mersnotty doesn't want him to punish her too hard, it must be difficult to accept that she's the new woman in his life. FF>>

Later that night, Effer reports to David about Sinthia's goings on. Apparently David asked Effer to rat out Sinthia to Rohell. (I think Effer would have anyway?) Effer tells David that Sin went off with the Gustavito and then asks for his payment. David complies and tells Effer to keep on reporting back.

David pays Effer to do what he'd be doing anyway—sniffing around Sinthia.
Gustavito and Sin are eating a meal at a restaurant. Gustavito is asking Sin about her "work." (Work? What is that, Sinthia?)  Gus had assumed that she'd work in Vain's office in San Gabriel but she says no, she really wants to be independent of her brother for a while. She then goes on to complain about how all Rohell's time is now devoted to his "mujercita" (little wife—she says this with great disdain). The Gustavito looks thoughtful as she says this.

Sin kvetches about Rohell's gold-digging wife "Paula" as Gustavito takes on a brooding expression.
Cupcake looks at one of the Gustavito's ID cards (a voting card) in her room. Her hand instinctively goes to her neck, as if thinking of that stupid shell necklace that the Gustavito gave her (and that Rohell ripped off her neck, yelling, "The hell with this crap!" according to English CCs). Rohell rolls in. She tells him to knock before entering.

Apparently the Gustavito is 27 years old.
He starts by saying she returned the ugly necklace last night. She replies, yeah, I wore it for going out, but if you want me to wear it all the time, well . . . He says no, he wants her to be comfortable. "Yeah" she says, "that's why you're allowing my aunt to eat out on the terrace."

Rohell: I do it all for you.
Cupcake: For me? I'd eat in the stables every day just to get away from you (she "usteds" him).
Rohell: I didn't come here to fight, on the contrary, I'm here to give you this necklace (holds up ugly necklace) and to tell you that I want you to wear it on the day that you decide it on your own. I have many months to prove that I'm changing.
Cupcake: I see no change.
Rohell: I understand that my rotten personality (mal carácter) has kept you away.
Cupcake: "Rotten personality"? I'd say you are violent.
Rohell: All right, violent! But I'm trying to control myself! (He reaches out and offers the ugly necklace to her.)
Cupcake: [Petulant schoolgirl sigh and she reaches out for the ugly necklace]
Rohell: [grabs her hand and holds it, while the ugly necklace dangles between both hands] Please, you must have a little patience with me. I'm not going to change overnight.

Hand porn.Oh he with the pleading puppydog eyes.. . . and she gives another impatient, petulant schoolgirl sigh.
We have a commercial break and then the credits, finally (what douchebaggery is Univsion up to, that they do this? It's not in the original episodes shown in Mexico!). Then we resume the conversation between Cupcake and Rohell.

Rohell: It hurts me profoundly that you still love your boyfriend, but when I compete, I compete in a fair manner. [I don't think the English CCs are right and my Spanish listening skills fail me—they say he competes "loyally."]
Cupcake: No, it's not a competition! And there's no way to have one.
Rohell: Well, then, let's say that I'll continue to fight, even though I'm at a disadvantage.

A pout and an eye roll.More pleading puppydog eyes.
Cupcake: Your condition has nothing to do with me falling in love with you; it's about other things as you know perfectly well, like your douchebaggery with putting me in the middle of the Vainessa thing. (Okay she doesn't say the bit about "douchebaggery." I felt the need to add that part.)
Rohell: Those are the disadvantages I'm talking about, Paula—let me finish! I'll go all the way, but in my way and with what I've got. (Puts his hand over his heart.) Although I'm dying of jealousy, I realize that I can't continue like this. I'll show you what I can offer. When you arrived at the homestead, I asked you to help me be better, and you accepted.
Cupcake: Yes, because at the time I thought it was possible. Now I doubt it.
Rohell: Paula, I'm going to prove the fact that I'm a better person, thanks to you. If you want to test my strength of will, go ahead. You'll realize that I'm capable of it, just because of the love I have for you. (Extra heavy duty puppydog eye action going on here.)

The old turd is sincerely pouring out his heart to her. But she's still skeptical.
We cut to David's office. David is ripping Vainessa a new one because she didn't tell him that Sin has a thing for the Gustavito, that jerk who cost him millions. Vain replies that Gustavito was over at her place to talk business. David's astonished that Gustavito is working for her. She explains that she wants the Gustavito to be an assessor of all the things that she and David build together. She gives him a challenging look. You see an impactado "busted!" look on David's face.

Rohell and Maria. Maria asks him if he talked to the Cupcake. He says he did, but he didn't spill all the stuff about Tia, in part because he didn't want to hurt the Cupcake, and in part because he doesn't want her to know that he was the one buying what Tia was selling (he actually says he doesn't want Cupcake to know all the things he and Tia talked about before the wedding). Maria says that the stuff about the contract was very bad. This starts Rohell on a rant. He says the contract thing wasn't bad, and now Cupcake's his wife and he's determined to win her over, despite him being a cripple, despite all the other crap he's dealing with, the feeling of "impotence" (powerlessness is I think what he means here) with his dealings with Vainessa, and so forth.

"Paula will end up falling in love with me, punto!"(period.) (Again, where is this super-hyper confidence coming from, Rohell? I thought you were always so hang-dog about your pathetic crippled self.) Maria yells back that he's so resolved and decided, but he needs to control his temper, because that's the part that bothers Cupcake the most. Rohell concedes this, but also says that Cupcake still thinks that he's into her due to a whim, and that he views her as a challenge. "Isn't that the case?" Maria asks back. "No!" he replies, but then admits that it was in part that, and that he doesn't care how hard it is, he WILL get Cupcake to love him! "That's not love!" Maria fires back. He says that it's love and pride. "That kind of pride will make you lose!" Maria tells him. He gets more agitated and retorts that basically pride is the only thing that keeps him going on, even though he's in the darn chair and even though Cupcake's constant harping on what a douche he is makes it hard to bear. At this the conversation seems to have ended; Maria gives a slight sympathetic smile and Rohell looks agitated and brooding.

If it weren't for his pride, he probably wouldn't even bother getting up in the morning.
We cut to Cupcake talking to Tia MentiRosa. She's recounting the conversation with Rohell, say that she told him that she couldn't ever love him, but she's hoping that his vow to improve will happen, for the sake of everyone around him. Tia starts harping on the eating in the kitchen thing, thanking for sticking up for her and referring to Maria as "that servant." Cupcake says that Tia's got to get along with Maria, because she's like a second mother to Rohell.  Tia agrees to this, and then urges Cupcake to try to get along better with Rohell. Cupcake balks at this, because she can't trust him anymore. During this conversation Bruno comes in, with news on the contract.

Basically he covers the stuff we already knew (because Rohell told Cupcake about it many episodes ago). For every day that she fails to live up to her part of the contract, 10 days is added to her sentence—err, to the length of the contract. Even though Cupcake KNOWS about this (because Rohell TOLD her!) she shrieks "No puede ser!" as if she'd never heard of it before.  She complains that she'll have to stay another six months because of this. (I'm not sure of the math here. Does that mean that along with whatever time she'd had left to do, plus an extra XX days as a penalty for the time she escaped into the Gustavito's arms, all add up to a total of six more months? Or is the six months just the penalty for the time she escaped? I think it must be the former, but one tenth of 6 months is how long? A few weeks? So maybe it is an extra six months for just the escape time. Moving on . . . )

Then Bruno says there's another clause in the contract, something about how Rohell can extend the length of the contract if desired, as long as he doubles her salary for the extra time. This really gets the outraged shrieking started, while Tia turns away and looks secretly delighted.

Since apparently she is unable to bother to read the contract, Bruno does it for her and reports back.
"No puede ser!" David utters. Why did she choose the Gustavito, of all people? Vainessa replies that Gustavito has proven to be on top of David's douchebaggery, and she wants him to keep doing that. David protests and gripes, but Vainessa (who seems to be quite savvy here) says that if he doesn't want Gustavito reviewing things, then they don't even have to do business and she won't be buying the land at all.

"Es el colmo!" (It's the limit, aka it's too much.) Cupcake barges into Rohell's office again, to rip him a new one again. He actually says with great weariness, "What have I done this time?" She kvetches about the extra time in bondage to him added to the contract. She accuses him of "tricking" her. He tells her wait a minute, he TOLD her that for every day she was gone, extra days would be added to the contract. (And he did. Before she took off, he did. I recapped that episode! She can't say she wasn't warned!) Yeah yeah she knows that, but she didn't know the part about him being able to prolong the contract at will. This just makes her hate him more, she says. Impactado look from Rohell.

David protests some more about having Gustavito on board, but it's no good. Vainessa is actually really smart here. Take my deal or leave it, she says, and slinks out of the room. David has a little snit about that darn Gustavo.

Rohell replies that the Cupake doesn't really hate him, she's just annoyed because she was too much of a dipsh*t and lamebrain to read the darn contract before signing it. (Only he uses nicer words than that.) She complains that it was in the hospital and she had no mind for such things. (How is that his fault?) He tells her, business is business, blah blah, you were given the contract before and wouldn't read it, tore it up, etc. But of course she still bitches at him. He then challenges her: This started out as a business arrangement. We know what she got (his big bucks that helped her loserific brother) but what does he get out of the deal? Her constant bad moods, bitching at him constantly, ripping him a new one all the time? She then replies (in her bad mood) that okay, he tricked her, and bought her for a year, no more. He again reminds her that this extra time wouldn't have been added to her contract had she not escaped (and she DID know about that beforehand!). She replies that she assumed that he wouldn't catch her and drag her back to comply with the rest of the contract. Then she bitches again about the added time that he can tack onto the contract at will. He says yes, at double the salary, or triple, or whatever, if I need it! She says okay, if he's going to keep her against her will, there will be consequences. She'll follow the contract to the letter, she'll put on a good face in front of others, but when they're by themselves, don't expect her to put up with him or get along with him, let alone trust him again. He says don't make this more difficult, but no, she's in a snit. She tells him he can't buy her love. She huffs out of the room. He has a bittersweet smile on his face and says to himself, "No hace falta" which means "not necessary." (I had trouble understanding this one.) I think he means, he knows he can't buy her love, but he'll fight for it.

Rohell's bittersweet smile. (I had to swipe this screenshot from a downloaded episode, because Univision slapped some crap ad all over the bottom section of the screen.)
Bruno and Tia plotting: Tia thinks it's great that the Cupcake will have to stay longer; that means there's a better chance she'll fall for Rohell. Bruno disagrees, he wants to use the hate she feels for the old turd to . . . and then M-grito interrupts. Cupcake and Dani are there too; Dani hands Bruno some document she was working on and they both walk off, leaving Cupcake to talk with Tia. Cupcake, in her continual bad mood, bitches to Tia about that douchebag Rohell and how the contract forces her to stay longer. She then whines that the longer she's stuck here, the lesser chance she has of getting back with the Gustavito. Bruno (actually quite wisely) says that the one who truly loves will wait. Which is true—if the Gustavito weren't such a self-righteous little . . . (rhymes with "stick") he wouldn't have dumped Cupcake so summarily (especially right after deflowering her; I'm sorry that just seems idiotic for him to believe she's a gold digger if she waits to give up her virginity to him, instead of one of the rich dudes she supposedly was out to entrap).

Okay, moving on. Anyway, Bruno points out that if the Gustavito really loved her, he'd wait, but Tia points out that since they're broken up, why should he? Cupcake agrees; it's not fair to expect the Gustavito to wait. M-grito pipes up that maybe it's good to try to get along better with Rohell, then. Cupcake self-righteously says that no way, that's just what that douchebag wants, and she's not going to compromise herself anymore. Then M-grito wonders if, when he took the bribe of candies from Rohell, if he compromised himself (even though he assures her he didn't give anything away). (Like good job putting more guilt and pressure on the kid, as well as poisoning him against a man who may be a blood relation and who is still willing to adopt him!) Cupcake is outraged that Rohell gave M-grito candies, and commences to bitch more about him and how she can't trust him.

Constantly harping on what a douchebag Rohell is.
Cut to Rohell complaining to Maria. Boy, the sh*t hit the fan when he gave Cupcake the contract. Maria thinks that maybe he shouldn't have shown it to her. Then they move on to talking about the abundance of "Gustavitos" complicating his life. He wishes that Cupcake would forget about her Gustavito. But Maria reminds Rohell that he liked the engineer Gustavito as a possible beau for Sinthia. But Rohell is kvetching because he doesn't think Sinthia is doing things right; he doesn't like her sneaking around behind his back (you mean, not being constantly under your thumb, don't you Rohell?), and he doesn't like anyone taking advantage of his sister. Then Rohell wants Maria to leave; he wants to make a phone call. If Paula will only be nice to him at social events, fine, that's what they'll do.

Vain and Sin talking: First they talk about Sin getting to know the Gustavito better, then they talk about how David freaked out with jealousy. Vain asks Sin if she's completely discarded David as a possibility. Sin smirks and says that she likes to have a guy on the back burner (so to speak) and who knows, he might prove useful someday. Speak of the devil, David arrives just then. Sin assumes he's out to hassle her, but instead he wants to talk business with Vainessa.

A completely boring conversation between Mersnotty and the Gustavito about her troubles with Ernesto's snotty daughter. Ernesto comes in and Gustavito takes off. Ernesto says he wants to marry her, as soon as possible. FF >>

A continuation of the conversation between Sin, David and Vainessa. Vain wants to make sure that David can separate business from personal (meaning, his personal feelings for Sin). David reminds them that this whole business deal stems from the personal—their shared desire to get revenge on Rohell. Bruno wants to get his lands back from Rohell, Sin wants to get out from underneath Rohell's thumb, Vain wants revenge for Rohell's spurning her—but what is David's reason for revenge? David just says he has his "reasons," which are the big bucks he lost with Boring del Cielo.

It's nighttime at the hacienda and Rohell wants to do the social event (so that Cupcake will be forced to be nice to him!). They're talking in her room, but she says she can't go, because she's "sick." He moves in to feel her pulse and her forehead. She doesn't seem to have a fever. Then she admits that she's just sick of him and his lies and douchebaggery.

He checks her temperature as she rolls her eyes impatiently.
He says fine, but tomorrow he's having Mr. Abel over for dinner and he expects her to be the lovely wife and even prepare something nice, like a pie. Then he leaves, with that sad puppydog look on his face. Cupcake sighs sadly.

More with David, Vainessa and Sin kvetching about how Rohell did them wrong. Vainessa tells David that he's got to accept the Gustavito. Okay fine, but he needs capital to pay back Rohell on a loan. Vainessa is not so sure. But David urges her, saying he's got a plan to ruin Rohell. She says okay and she'll buy the land. David adds that he's also got a plan to make Cupcake miserable! Sneaky smiles all around.

Consuelo brings in food for Rohell. (I was hoping he'd apologize for earlier being a douche to her, but no.) He says he doesn't want to eat and asks her to take it away. 

David, Sin and Vain are drinking a toast to making Rohell and Cupcake miserable, and Sin gets a call from Rohell. She tells them she hasn't answered him all day. David urges her to answer. He immediately starts in on her, wants her to come home, says she's not behaving properly. He doesn't want her sniffing around guys who have already given her the heave-ho. (Meaning, Gustavito.) Sin says no way is she going home, she's staying here and working! Rohell is doubtful—how can she work when she doesn't know how to do anything? (LOL. He's right.) She says she'll prove it to him and she won't be stuck by his side forever. She hangs up on him, which apparently was a big breakthrough, as she seems amazed she had the nerve to do it.

Tia and Bruno looking over the contract. There's another clause in there about how Tia can sign off and agree that Cupcake can work longer; that Tia will be Cupcake's "legal representative." But it's not really useful unless Cupcake authorizes Tia to be able to do that. (Sort of like a power of attorney?) Tia gets an extremely greedy look on her face, all gleeful at this possibility. She asks Bruno to help her get this legal power. He gives one of his trademark sneaky smirks in return.

Plotting over the contract.
Back at Vain's house, the evil trio are still gloating over their plans as Effer comes in. Rohell called him and demands that Sin be taken back to the Hacienda right away. He'll go and get her luggage. Sin finishes her drink defiantly and laughs.

Maria brings in Rohell's dinner to his office. She knows he's in a bad mood. He replies that he never should have left Sin in Tuxtla. The phone rings, Effer is reporting that Sin has gotten really "brave" and won't go back. Rohell mutters under his breath that he has to do everything himself.

It's morning, we're still in Rohell's office. He has business to conduct with Mr. Abel, but after that he's going to Tuxtla to drag Sin back on her sorry ass. Okay he didn't say that last part. Hugo comes in to announce that David is there.

When David comes in, Rohell asks about the tussle with the Gustavito. David starts in about how he doesn't like seeing Gustavito with Sin, bitch bitch bitch. Rohell doesn't want David to worry about her; now what does David want? Rohell is still assuming that he'll get to buy Boring del Cielo. But David has a check to start paying back the loan. Rohell says that David could have paid with the land at Boring del Cielo, like they talked about before. Rohell has ideas for that land. Then David drops the bombshell—the lands are already sold!

David has come to start repaying on the loan.
Impactado Rohell at the news that David sold the land to someone else.
At Esteban's office, Gustavito is telling him how he almost had this fight with David, but Sin intervened. Esteban is all, Sin is into you, bro! But ever-boring Gustavito wants to take it slow. They discuss how this love triangle (well, love square, but no one knows that yet) will complicate things. Esteban encourages the Gustavito to get back with Sin. FF>>

More with David and Rohell in his office. Rohell is astonished that David would do this, he knew that Rohell was interested in the land. David replied that he got a higher bidder. Rohell calls BS on this; had price been an issue, David could have easily contacted Rohell and they could have negotiated. Rohell sees this as a tactic to tick him off, because he bailed on the construction deal and he's not backing up David's attempt to woo Sinthia. David says, "business is business" and reminds Rohell that since they're not best buds anymore, David sees no reason to give him extra consideration. Rohell kvetches that he should have expected as much. David replies: "Well, you're no saint, remember that you asked me to claim that that Miguel stole that truck so you could screw him over!" OUCH THE TRUTH HURTS, DOESN'T IT, ROHELL?!?!? David continues: "What would your wife think if she found out?" A restrained, tight look from Rohell and the episode is finally OVER!!!

David reminds Rohell of his douchebaggery in messing things up for Miguel.
AVANCES: The federales (federal police) are at the hacienda! Impactado look from Rohell. Something about how Rohell could go to jail. Tearful look from Cupcake. Sneaky look on Bruno.

From Avances: Federales? Here?
Something's going down that's got the Cupcake's frosting mussed.

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