La Que No Podia Amar, Lunes 3/12/12 Capitulo 54: The Indiscreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (with apologies to Luis Buñuel)

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That which has passedTia MentiRosa tells Lord Rogelio that she had returned the Lady Ana Paula to him to complete her contract. Or whatever he wishes. She asks Rogelio what he wants from Ana Paula and then promises her assistance. He tells her that when he needs her assistance he will ask, then – with an expression of distaste – tells her to leave. She hasn't fooled him any more now than before; he recognizes the manner of the procuress. She leaves the study.
Current HappeningsUlisse's Café: Macaria speaks to her daughter of her unworthy suitor, saying he is unworthy of any of her tears. We tend to agree.
Montero Estate, Manor House; Parlour: Knave Skelator and Lady Ana Paula talk about his failed attempt at helping her to get away from Lord Rogelio. He apologises for being ineffective at the church, but Squire Hugo had stopped him with the assistance of Efrain. Lady Ana Paula thanks him and he tells her she can always count on him. She thanks him for the warning that Lord Rogelio was looking for her in Boca del Cielo. Unfortunately for him His Lordship arrives just in time to have heard this and says “Damned traitor” with an frighteningly angry countenance and a crack of his riding crop against the table near Skelator.
Miguel's Bedchamber: Tia MentiRosa arrives and closes the door behind her. They establish that Miguel will continue to work for Lord Rogelio when Margarito arrives at the barred window. Tia MentiRosa gets close enough to grab the boy by the throat and accuse him of telling Lord Rogelio everything about Sir Gustavo and Boca del Cielo. We are proud of this boy who calmly responds with “How can you think that? I didn't spill. I'm a kid, but I'm not a fool.” Tia MentiRosa is so shocked she releases him.
Parlour: Knave Skelator denies having betrayed Lord Rogelio.Skelator: Rogelio, no, no, no. It's not true. I didn't know where Paula was.Ana Paula: It wasn't him,Skelator: I didn't know, I didn't know. The whole time I was with your people; ask the others. It's the truth, it's the truth. (kneels in front of him) The whole time I was here I was looking out for your affairs. (Rogelio raises the riding crop)Ana Paula: Therefore it's true. I was safe with my father. Safe because he was looking to protect me from you.Rogelio: Stop with the lies, caramba! (hits the coffee table with the riding crop; Skelator gets up and out of his way) You were supposed to help me.Ana Paula (actually stepping in front of Skelator): Please, don't. It's not fair for you to accuse Bruno when you have no proof. It could have been my father or my aunt.Rogelio (hitting the table again): No more lies, Paula. They didn't know I was in Boca del Cielo looking for you.Skelator looks suspicious and a little apprehensive.
Miguel's Bedchamber: Tia MentiRosa explains to Miguel that Lord Rogelio tried to manipulate her into talking about Lady Ana Paula's activities in Boca del Cielo. Margarito remains just outside the balcony window bars, listening. He tells Tia MentiRosa that he had promised Lady Ana Paula to say nothing of her time with Sir Gustavo. Tia MentiRosa slaps his head, telling him to keep his voice down and not speak of Ana Paula and Gustavo again. Miguel defends the child, saying that they had to expect Lord Rogelio to question him. Tia MentiRosa mentions that she only gave Sir Gustavo's first name and that under duress. Miguel expresses puzzlement that His Lordship didn't recognize the name from the ID in the wallet and Tia MentiRosa – now too confused or uncomfortable to think about this further – says that they should speak no more of it.
Parlour: Skelator watches warily as His Lordship and Her Ladyship continue to argue (when, like a good servant, he should discreetly withdraw).Ana Paula: What does it matter that I said nothing because there was no way you would believe me.Rogelio: I don't need another reason to distrust you. Take care with this; I demand to know whom in hell you saw.Ana Paula: I told you I said nothing because of your jealousy you would have gone after Gustavo and harmed him as you did before.Rogelio (hitting the table again): What the devil makes you sure I ordered this man's death?Ana Paula: How could I be sure? Because to begin with you said you'd hurt anyone who came near me or helped me.Rogelio: Paula, leave me to talk with Bruno.Ana Paula: What are you going to do?Rogelio: Why does that matter? You're that interested in Bruno?Ana Paula: He's a good person, like any other who would help me.Skelator: I never did anything against you, Rogelio.Ana Paula: Perhaps the only mistake he made was to get me to agree to come here to work for you.Rogelio: Be very careful what you say. Now go. (lashes the table again; I did not understand the accompanying comment)Ana Paula: I agree. Please don't hurt Bruno. I beg you.Rogelio: Leave this room.Lady Ana Paula exits, leaving the two men glaring at each other.
Durán Residence: Lady Chio is visiting and takes coffee with Lady Sneerwell, regaling her with her happiness over her assignation with Lord Esteban. Lady Sneerwell sensibly advises her not to get her hopes up too high due to the complication known as Vainessa. She speculates (quite sensibly) that he may not be sure of his feelings. Lady Chio appears to believe that this is not a matter of concern, saying something to the effect that “You should have seen what transpired last night.” We can imagine. We also see that there is – or once had been – something competitive between these two ladies.
Parlour: The ConfrontationRogelio (gesturing to the door with his riding crop): If you're wanting to follow her to see her, be warned. Paula may be to your liking but she is my wife.Skelator (tempting fate by getting closer to grab his upper arms): Please, Rogelio, you know –Rogelio (shoving him back, almost getting out of the chair): Don't touch me! Stop accusing me of stealing your father's estate. Skelator: No, that was a misunderstanding. When I went over the accounts I saw the debts he owed and what I owed you. Don't blame me. Try to understand and not treat me like just another employee.Rogelio: You better think better of speaking ill of me behind my back.Skelator: No, it's not true. Why do you think so ill of me when I've work for you for so many years?Rogelio: The property is mine. I said I'd help you when your father died. Besides, I prefer to keep you near me to know what you're capable of. (grabs his lapels) I'm going to tell you one more time and I won't repeat it: Stay away from Paula. Because if you try anything with her I will kill you.Skelator backs off – we wonder why anyone allows themselves within grabbing distance – looking genuinely afraid as the suspense music builds.
Ulisses' Shop: Ulisses and Macaria review Maria's shopping list and talk about Miguel. He doesn't want Miguel near Maripaz either. Mundane matters, especially as regards the product displays on the shelves.
Galván Mansion: Vainessa and Lord ShadyDeal speak of her receiving her inheritance shortly and of the partnership agreement they have just made. She is impatient to break the news to Lord Rogelio in person because she wishes to see his reaction. The two of them now conspire to steal Lord Rogelio's lands. This is to be her revenge. Ladies of fashion will note the large stone heart on her necklace that clearly substitutes for the fleshly one she does not possess.Montero Manor: Tia MentiRosa and Skelator talk as they walk down the corridor. He describes how Lady Ana Paula defended him from her husband, which Tia MentiRosa says means she feels something for him. They also conspire to steal Lord Rogelio's estate.
Galván Mansion: As Vainessa attempts to read a contract involving Lord ShadyDeal's original dealings with Lord Rogelio, Lady Chatterley arrives, seeking her assistance with... Sir Gustavo.
Ulisses' Shop: Ulisses attempts to explain to his daughter that all he wants to do is protect her. He apologises to her for the brusque manner in which he has done this. Macaria watches from the background, pleased.
Master Bedchamber: His Lordship tells Maria about Lady Ana Paula defending Skelator, puzzled that Her Ladyship worries about everyone but him. Maria tries to explain that he is too forceful; a drop of honey is more effective than a litre of bile. Tia MentiRosa arrives (We note that she at least knows to knock before entering) and despite his irritation His Lordship asks Maria to leave them alone. Maria departs, MentiRosa closes and locks the French doors under His Lordship's watchful eye. He then tries once again to get her to talk about who Lady Ana Paula was with in Boca del Cielo. She attempts to sidestep this by saying she also wants to know who helped her to escape.
Her Ladyship's Bedchamber, the following morning: Lord Rogelio enters to find Tia MentiRosa opening the drapes. She expects to breakfast with Lady Ana Paula in her suite. He informs her he expects to see Her Ladyship in the dining room for breakfast. Tia MentiRosa promises to comply, saying they will be down shortly. His Lordship then informs her that she will be breakfasting in the kitchen with the servants from this day forward. Excellently done, sir!
Galván Mansion: Vainessa speaks on her cellular with Knave Skelator, who is a bit put out that she did not trust him sufficiently to inform him that Lady Ana Paula is her sister. She replies that for her this relationship does not exist and that she hates her. She is, however, aware that Skelator has his evil eye on her. He's not happy with the recent turn of events, as he was looking to recover his property. She asks what he is prepared to do to accomplish this. He tells her he would do anything she asked.
Montero Manor, Terrace: Lady Ana Paula and Lady Daniela speak of Sir Gustavo. Lady Ana Paula explains that she will never forget him because he was her first love and her first entrega total, but Lady Daniela cannot understand why therefore her friend was not entirely forthcoming with him. She tells her that it was for his own safety because she did not want him to confront Lord Rogelio. [Why is this lady surrounded by such weak men?] Lady Daniela understands, then changes the subject to Miguel. Why is he locked up? His Lordship's arrival ends the possibility of this conversation.Rogelio: Daniela, permit me to speak with my wife.Daniela: Of course.Rogelio (as she exits): Thank you. (to Ana Paula)Ana Paula: What do you want?Rogelio: Prepare yourself; we are going out.Ana Paula: Where?
Rogelio: That is the least of it. Remember the contract that you are obliged to accompany me?Ana Paula: I know.
Galván Mansion: Lady Chatterley is not pleased that Vainessa told Knave Skelator about their plans to get her inheritance released to her. Vainessa tells her not to worry as he is still looking to recover his lost lands. She believes he would be a valuable ally because his motives are as strong as theirs. Lady Chatterley appears doubtful at a few moments and she should, if she has any sense of familial loyalty.
Montero Manor, Terrace: A Somewhat Indecent ProposalAna Paula: Where are you thinking to take me?Rogelio: To a place you'll enjoy.
Ana Paula: You're mistaken. You know I don't want to go anywhere with you. If you're asking it's only to see how I dress.Rogelio: You can go as you are. (His expression shows us that he likes what he sees) You are beautiful, gorgeous. But before we leave, I want you to put this on. (hands her the diamond and pearl necklace. Her expression tells us she is not pleased).
Galván Mansion, Garden: Sir Gustavo arrives and expresses his condolences to Vainessa over her father. She thanks him graciously and proceeds to begin buttering him up.
Ulisses' Café: Lord Rogelio and Lady Ana Paula arrive and are greeted by the owners. Are they aware of their tendency to gossip? But of course, because when Macaria makes a comment about Her Ladyship's miraculous visit she is nudged by Ulisses, His Lordship's business associates begin arriving. This may be a business meeting, but His Lordship very clearly wishes it known that he is a happily married man by pointedly kissing Her Ladyship in full view of whomever can see them at their outdoor table (which we surmise is the entire town). It is obvious from the expressions on Ulisses and Macaria that at least one of them had been gossiping in the preceding few days.
Galván Mansion, Garden: Sir Gustavo, knowing that Lord ShadyDeal is some part of Vainessa's life, does not want to be involved in any of his business affairs.
Ulisses' Café: Ulisses and Macaria bring the drinks and a bowl of [Menudo? How peasant of them.] and after commenting on what a lovely couple they are inform His Lordship that they will be taking a trip in a few days but that all their bills will be settled first. Macaria asks whether there is anything Her Ladyship wants from Tuxtla or if there are relatives she'd like them to call on. [Really, how presumptuous.] Lord Rogelio informs them that he will take care of everything Her Ladyship needs as he takes her hand once again.
Galván Mansion, Garden: Apparently Vainessa and Lady Chatterley have talked him into something, but this was all a pretext to bring him into Lady Chatterley's company. He promises to call tomorrow.
Ulisses' Café: His Lordship's two associates have been there for a meeting and they now depart, thoroughly charmed by Lady Ana Paula. She has given a Tony Award-winning performance as a loving wife. After the two ranchers leave he informs her that they are not returning home yet; they will be returning home together. She expresses a desire to go shopping but – wise to what may happen – he insists that Squire Hugo accompany her. Squire Hugo understands his duties perfectly and accompanies her.
Durán Residence: Sir Gustavo tells Lady Sneerwell that Vainessa – Lady Ana Paula's half sister – has offered him work. They have more disagreeable words about Lady Ana Paula. He is weary of being treated like a child about this. She must leave him to make his own decisions. [Is it too late for him to learn how?] He does not like her meddling in his personal affairs.
Ulisses' Shop: Under Squire Hugo's watchful eye, Lady Ana Paula purchases a few things and Ulisses apologises to her about his feelings about Miguel. He finally comments on Miguel's drinking problem and how Lord Rogelio is dealing with it (He knows about the bars on the windows). She appears surprised, finally excusing herself to speak with her husband. As they leave the shop, Squire Hugo tells her that he was to accompany her to carry her purchases then to take her home.
Montero Manor, that night: Lady Daniela confirms Miguel's alcoholism to Lady Ana Paula, explaining that His Lordship tried to prevent him leaving and getting in possession of more strong drink. For Her Ladyship this confirms the reason for the bars on the window.
Master Bedchamber: Squire Hugo reports the conversation in Ulisses' shop. His Lordship dismisses him for the night. However, Squire Hugo takes the necklace from his shirt pocket and hands it to His Lordship, saying that Her Ladyship instructed him to do so. His Lordship thanks him, he exits, and His Lordship casually puts the necklace on the nearby table. He has no time to think due to a knock on the door.Rogelio (as the door opens and Ana Paula enters): Maria, I told you I don't wish to down to dinner.Ana Paula: It's me. May I come in?Rogelio: Come in. (She enters, closing the door behind her. He looks at her with a sidelong gaze,)Ana Paula: I came to apologise to you. (Their love theme music begins)Rogelio (surprised): Apologise? I never could hope you would to do that.Ana Paula: I only want to do what's fair. On this occasion I recognize I was wrong. That's why I'm here.
Durán Residence: Lady Chio visits Lady Sneerwell and we are clear that there are no jealousies over Lord Esteban. Dr. Ernesto arrives with a red rose for Lady Sneerwell and they kiss as Lord Ernesto appears from another room with glasses and wine. He explains that Lady Sneerwell is his best friend and he wants to see the two of them happy. All appears well among this quartet.
Master Bedchamber: Lady Ana Paula is seated on the trunk at the foot of the bed.Rogelio: Bruno tried to help you and... well, I have to tell you I didn't order anyone killed or beaten. (comes closer and takes her hand)Ana Paula (taking away her hand): It wasn't about that. I know you locked my brother up to make him stop drinking.Rogelio: At least you recognize that was a good thing.Ana Paula: Yes. For that I apologise. I was very crude about that with you for no reason.Rogelio: Well, if you recognize your error in this, someday you may recognize others.The music darkens as he pulls away and they lock eyes.
Somewhere in San Gabriel: Lady Chatterley and Mellors step outside to continue their conversation. He desires to express his desires in a more private location and suggests they return to the manor. She does not wish to. He suggests they seek a hotel suite, but she is not of a mind to. To provoke her jealousy he takes out his cellular and calls Consuelo, who is not pleased to hear sweet words from him. She reproaches him for his caddishness, finally saying she wishes to speak with him no longer. Lady Chatterley is not fooled and reminds him of his place. He knows that Sir Gustavo has caught her eye, but she is not disturbed by this. She informs him that they are finished and he is to speak of Sir Gustavo with appropriate respect or he could be made redundant with a snap of her fingers. She goes back inside. He manages not to lose his composure.
Master Bedchamber: The music has darkened furtherRogelio: Why are you looking at me that way?Ana Paula: I'm grateful for what you're doing for my brother, but don't be mistaken.Rogelio: Mistaken about what? Why did you say that?Ana Paula: I don't like the way you manage things. And least of all how you hurt the people I love.Rogelio: That is not true.Ana Paula: No? What did you do to my ex-novio? The way you treat Bruno or the manner in which you talk to my aunt? Do you know how that looks?Rogelio: The people you love. (thoughtful expression) Paula, if you will trust me and try to look at me with other eyes I could do –Ana Paula: No. No matter what you do I can't. (exits to sad music. Tia MentiRosa was lying in wait in the corridor.)Tia MentiRosa: Daughter, Bruno told me Rogelio accused him of helping you escape to Boca del Cielo.Ana Paula: Yes, the problem was he accidentally overheard us.Tia MentiRosa: Although to Rogelio said he denied it was him. I know.Ana Paula: Yes. I know.Tia MentiRosa (with feigned sympathy): Poor Bruno. He got trapped by His Lordship. The same as us.Ana Paula: Rogelio said that he hoped I would not think ill of him. I told him I never would change my mind.Tia MentiRosa: But at least you should resign yourself to spending this little time at his side.Ana Paula: I have no choice. I know I have to stay here.Tia MentiRosa: It is good you have not forgotten your duty.Ana Paula: But that does not mean I have forgotten Sir Gustavo. (feels for the necklace that isn't there)
Miguel's Bedchamber: He enters, presumably after a day's work. Lady Ana Paula enters to address him on important matters.Ana Paula: How are things going?Miguel (sitting on the bed, with a sarcastic expression): Well. Locked up. Watched. But well.Ana Paula: Miguel, all this is for your good. I know that the detoxification process is difficult. But an alcoholic –Miguel: I'm not an alcoholic. No, no, no... I'm in control. I can stop when I want to.Ana Paula (arms akimbo): Ah, ha.Miguel: Yes.Ana Paula: Yes. That's what everyone says who has a serious problem with strong drink. Miguel, if you really want to help me, promise me you won't drink anymore. (He gives an exasperated sigh; she grabs his face to make him look into her eyes) Promise me that.Miguel: I promise you that. (His expression does not match that statement)Ana Paula: Promise me that if you feel like drinking you'll think about yourself. Think of your health. And that you will get ahead.Miguel: Count on it. (sits down)Ana Paula (taking his hands and getting him to stand): Miguel, that's worth being locked up here. They embrace, but his expression again does not inspire confidence that he will comply.
Parlour: Knave Skelator and Tia MentiRosa are alone for the moment. They attempt to match their accounts of Lady Ana Paula's departure for Boca del Cielo. They want to use any confusion about this in their favor. Tia MentiRosa says something to imply that Lady Ana Paula will show favor to him. Further, that she will do what she can to encourage that. For the moment they appear to be well pleased with themselves. She asks him to take her into town so she can have a change of air and shop with the money that Lord Rogelio has deposited in her bank account. This procuress will face a most inconvenient day of reckoning.
Miguel's Bedchamber: Lady Daniela confronts Miguel about his alcoholism and he is still in denial about it. He does not want her help and wishes to be alone. She finally departs in disappointment and about to cry. Truly, she should seek love with a gentleman worthy of her.
Master Bedchamber: His Lordship lies in bed when Her Ladyship arrives to administer his therapy since that is – after all – her work, along with keeping up appearances in local society. He is not in a good mood, but then rarely is he so.Ana Paula: I've come to administer your therapy.Rogelio: Do you think you are just to present a false face as my wife before societyAna Paula (prepares his bedtime medication): My work also includes assisting as your nurse so I'm regretting the neglect of your medication and exercise –Rogelio: You don't need to, but thanks.Ana Paula: Yes, I have to because if I do you will continue to help my family because doesn't it say that in the contract. I didn't read it. (he puts the water glass down on the nightstand, angry) Let's start. (She hands it back to him)Rogelio: I don't want the therapy today. (drinks the medicated water)Ana Paula: You know that you need it. (removes the blanket covering his legs) I'll uncover you like this – (removes the blanket)Rogelio (as she gets the massage cream onto her hands): You better go; I'm not in the mood for this.Ana Paula: I'm very sorry, but I'm not going. (rubs hands together, turns her back to him, and begins massaging his left calf muscles. He looks either uncomfortable or pained.) I know this hurts, but remember it's necessary to maintain the muscle tone.Rogelio: For what? You want me to hope that I'll walk again?Ana Paula (turning around and flexing the leg): Well, one never knows. Science advances rapidly –Rogelio: Don't talk to me in medical terms. You know I don't want you as a nurse (grabs her upper arms and turns her to face him) but as a woman who is at my side for her pleasure and not for obligationAna Paula: I don't understand why you're saying this when you brought me back by force. And know that the contract we have is the only thing separating me from my boyfriend.Rogelio: It's like that?Ana Paula: Yes.Rogelio: Excuse me. You must feel guilty for all this. You signed the contract.Ana Paula: You left me no other choice.Rogelio: Wait a minute, let's see. (stops her) What are you worried about? If your boyfriend loved you that much, can't he wait until your job here is finished? It's only a year.
Montero Manor, Corridor: Lady Daniela cries quietly after being dismissed from Miguel's bedchamber. Squire Hugo finds her and enquires after her troubles. He is very understanding of her situation, but explains that people with Miguel's problem are difficult. He is also careful because he is but a servant while she is the dearest friend of the lady of the manor. She pish-tushes the status, as she is the secretary of Knave Skelator and asks why Miguel refuses her help. As the guitar music begins, Squire Hugo then says that because of his problem Miguel does not realize what he is losing because she is so good and beautiful.
Master Bedchamber: Despite misgivings and attitude, Lady Ana Paula persists in the therapy.Ana Paula: If he is waiting for me or not is not your concern. Besides, although he's forgotten me I am not in love with you.Rogelio: You hate me that much, Paula?Ana Paula: No. I don't hate you. But I don't love him either.Rogelio: But you don't like being with me. Sorry, it's more than hate.Ana Paula (laughing. Really): No, it's not that. It's only that every time we start off well and I see a little goodness or good intentions in you, something happens that loses it.Rogelio: Really?Ana Paula: Yes. Besides you could still marry my sister. She still loves you.Rogelio: What are you saying? In all shapes and forms I don't love her. I love you, Paula! You! When I proposed to you I didn't know you were sisters.Ana Paula: That doesn't change anything. It was clear to me that you had been novios, I don't know how things went but I supposed there were intimate relations between you, (Rogelio covers his face with both hands, as though he were attempting to figure out an answer) and how can you hope that I will have that with you?Rogelio: What was with Vanessa is over. (looks at her) And remember it was she who abandoned me. Besides you and she were not raised as sisters and she never conducted herself well with you. She won't accept you as her sister.Ana Paula: That may be but she is my sister and because I promised my father I can't hurt Vanessa anymore.His Lordship looks at her sadly, then ironically. For he knows that Vainessa can't truly be hurt.
Parlour, the next day: The Loving GestureAna Paula: You sent for me?Rogelio: I will accompany you to your room. (She looks apprehensive) Don't look at me that way; let me show you something. (They go down the corridor to her room, him leading the way. The picture of St Francis of Assisi has been returned to its place next to the Virgen de Guadalupe. Ana Paula smiles as their love theme begins quietly.)Ana Paula: And this?Rogelio: Know that this is a gesture of faith. Faith. You know that I lost it and I don't want you also to lose it while you're here.Ana Paula: Thanks.Rogelio: I know that was difficult to say, but I want us to be good together while you're here. For the time you're here.Ana Paula: What do you want from me now?Rogelio: Nothing. I only want to ask you to complete your contract, but with good feelings. I don't want it to be a nightmare every time you have to be near me.Ana Paula (starting to leave, deliberately walking away from him): Pardon me, sir, but I will try to get to my work in good humor.Rogelio: Paula, please know that you should not fear me. This did go well in the beginning. I was changing thanks to you.Ana Paula: Please, if you're going to start on again about that sort of thing, I'd prefer not to hear more.Rogelio: Very well. I will never mention my feelings again. I promise you. But permit me to say that I intend that your life here will not be a sacrifice.A long stare during which Her Ladyship probably fails to see his sadness.
Study: Maria wheels His Lordship to his desk.Rogelio: At times I can't take it any longer, Nana. You don't know what hard work it is to control my feelings in front of Ana Paula.Maria: But now you know –Rogelio: It's not the same as before. It's like children making demands.Maria: Rogelio, son. Now I see you are completely in love. Only love makes people endure things like this. But tell me, do you think it's worth it to endure long enough so that one day Paula will come to love you?Rogelio: At times I think so. But when? From time to time it seems like admiration or love or affection, but when she gives me that sweet smile...Paula doesn't know how to be a hypocrite. Yes, she does feel something for me.Maria: I see. But promise me, Rogelio, that if this doesn't work you'll leave her in peace. For yourself.Rogelio: For me? Why?Maria: To cause her no more pain.Rogelio: Don't worry; I will not. Tell her to come in. (He takes a file folder out of the cabinet behind the desk.)
Galván Residence: His Lordship calls Lady Chatterley to get her to come home. She insists she needs to stay with Vainessa but we see she is entertaining Sir Gustavo. His Lordship insists she come home but she tells him she wishes to help Vainessa. He tells her she wouldn't know how and they finally end the call with the matter unresolved. Sir Gustavo asks what is wrong and Lady Chatterley tells him that her brother is insufferable. He embraces her in his normal gallant manner, which is just in time for Lord ShadyDeal's arrival. He takes offense and seizes Lady Chatterley, who demands he release her. There will clearly be a duel here.
Study: A RevelationLady Ana Paula enters.Ana Paula: Talk to me, sir.Rogelio: I asked you here to show you something I hope will encourage you to trust me. (hands her the brown envelope,)Ana Paula: It's my contract?Rogelio: Yes. Read it. It hides nothing. I want you to know very well what I had promised you.
Their love theme provides the closing music as we see the document change hands.
PreviewsMore confrontations and possibly more revelations.

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