Familia 3-14: did you know grownups could gossip so much?

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As usual my computer recorded only most of the two hours. I don't know which 25 minutes are missing, so fill me in...

Also - Let me complain that I came home from doing a St. Patrick's day gig at 9:15, exhausted, to find out that my dear son Ezra, after losing his glasses and going to work with one contact lens, on the way back into our hacienda left his car in "drive" when he got out to open the deer fence - so it (the car) ran through the deer fence, then the donkey fence, and finally ran over Ezra's own foot when he was trying to recapture it. Luckily, no bones broken. And now, to the show!

Pina can't imagine having the low-class Lopez-uns as in-laws. Freddy's first two children will be named Vince and Pina, obvi - but how much better for the bloodline not to be "contaminated," to have the blond Karin as the mother, with the classy name Limantours - and for the babies to have blue eyes. This aryan elitism, which makes me very uncomfortable, unites Vince and Pina, but in general Vince isn't listening because he's drooling over her!

Cute, how Pina has converted Freddy's nickname for Ana - "ojitos" (little eyes) - into "piojitos" (little fleas).

There's a meeting at Avon with Lidia representing Belle Face, I guess. I think the company shares are doing well. A familiar well-siliconed form enters; Pancho says, "good morning Rebe" before doing a predictable double take. She says "Fer did not accept my resignation."

Pancho throws Beto, Enzo, and Lidia out, Rebe insists they stay, he says no, so she leaves, he follows. Furious, she says she didn't go to Miami because she doesn't love Mike and doesn't want to run from her problems. She is not moved by his story of failing to find her at the airport. She reminds him how disappointed she is in him and that he can't really love her. "From now on, our relationship is purely professional."

Tomas's prison roommate el Tanque (what an interesting looking guy) has somehow disattached the Gargoyle (who beat up Tomas) from his henchmen. El Tanque is so grateful (Tomas has gotten him lawyer help), he holds the Gargoyle while Tomas lays down laws (e.g. "don't harm the defenseless") and punches him. The Gargoyle is crying! "Hah hah, what if all our fellow incarcerates saw you now? Law three: your reign of terror is over."

Midory (she who sexually harrassed Arnold hence causing him to turn faux-gay) meets Pancho and starts flirting. He things she looks familiar. She suggests they met in a past life. "What, you don't believe in reincarnation?" "No, I'm a Catholic."

Arnold gets a friendly welcome from Rebe who laughs and laughs at his Midory-Raymound predicament. His two pursuers catch up with him. He flees like the fox from the hounds and takes shelter with Vince and Enzo.

Chela, complaining to Candy in Napoleon's house, faints, which we know means she either has leukemia or is pregnant. This is a comedy, so I vote for #2. Napoleon offers to ship her off to a hospital in his private helicopter.

Pancho invites his daughters to lunch. He tells them Rebe's back. Ana nags him to help sell her cd. He gets all the kids (and Nenene) to stand in the street and shout and wave cds. It's lame but they have some success. This seems like some recursive product placement - because this is a real cd, right, and Univision reaps the profits if people buy it!?

Enzo tells Lidia he's thinking about Chela. Lidia claims she has no expectations, as long as he tells her the truth.

Fer is happy to hear Doc Oc arranged for a second DNA test. So happy, in fact, that she accepts his marriage proposal.

Pina gets a very complimentary card from Vince inviting her to dinner. He orders up a private room, two waiters and champagne.

Candy cries about Vince FF>

Napoleon, at the hospital, calls Pancho to say Chela's in the hospital. He tells Chela (why isn't the doctor the one to tell her?): "You're pregnant." He assumes Pancho is the father. He'd like to get Candy this pregnant.

Pancho and various kids come rushing into the hospital and get a look at Napoleon. They then rush into Chela's room, she tells them she's pregnant. All rejoice. "Napo" shows up with a gigantic stuffed bear. Temo becomes a big Napo fan when he's offered a helicopter ride. Moni asks Chela: "This is going to be my little brother, right?" Chela admits Enzo's the dad.

Ana goes to see Rebe, Rebe rehashes her anti-Pancho ire. Ana, a little embarrassed that she's been part of the problem, says "Temo and I were like dogs with a slipper." She said she didn't come exactly to convince Rebe to go back with her dad, but because "you have earned our affection." Both cry. Lidia comes in at the end of their love fest.

Pancho and Napo talk in the hospital hall. Pancho says "the concept of forcing Candy to marry is a bad concept. She loves the demon himself, Vince." Napo tells him Vince is going to reconcile with Pina.

Elsewhere, this very same info makes Arnold jealous. Then Midory shows up and begs for a few Arnold minutes. She grabs him and tries to take a few bites. "Stop menacing me!" he squeals as he runs away.

Enzo tells Ana he can't compete with Pancho for Graciela's affections.

Rebe tells Lidia she will NEVER reconcile with Pancho.

Napo goes out (for a night of dastardly deeds perhaps) and leaves Candy a cellphone "because I trust you." Candy immediately calls Vince. In the VERY VERY FANCY RESTAURANT, Vince has gone to pee, so Pina answers. Candy: "Why are you answering Vince's phone?" Pina: "Because he's in the bathroom. We are at a VERY VERY FANCY RESTAURANT. Vince is STILL MY HUSBAND..."

and... my recording ends.

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