Cuando Me Enamoro Capitulo 101

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Everybody is just such a rebellion that causes the inability to manage our will that feeling as strong as love is, because when love takes hold of someone there is no way to control or eliminate, or even up fighting against ourselves we make this feeling go away. And that's just what happens to our protagonists Renata and Jerome, who are seen in the terrible dilemma come to hate the deep love between them was born.

Cuando Me Enamoro Synopsis: Gonzalo (René singles) and woke up but did not recognize anyone. Renata wept disconsolately, and asked to fight to recover as needed. Adriana (Saracho Florence) already know that Chema (Ferdinando Valencia) has little time to live and is ready to make him happy in his last moments. Matias told (Ron Joseph) that it allows you to be with Chema to not die alone. Regina Renata told to treat the son of Jerome as his own. Selene (Jacky Garcia) was found to Roberta (Jessica Coch) and mocked because her mother, Fina, was the one who tried to kill Gonzalo. Roberta said that Fine is not your mother. Alvaro was furious when he heard Karina's wedding and will do everything for that wedding was not performed. Augustine is planning something for Renata away from Jerome, what will?

Alfonsina told Marina (Martha Julia) that is likely to go to the wedding Jerome Lazarus and accompanied by Renata Karina. Asked the doctor Álvaro false passports to escape to America with Karina. Thin is in the confrontation and says nothing to the allegations but is determined to avenge the family Monterrubio. Augustine already has a plan to destroy Renata Roberta Jerome.

At the trial of Fina (Rocío Banquells), Roberta (Jessica Coch) occurs and is amazed to see his mother during the confrontation insists that she is the real Regina and Fina Soberón Monterrubio. Carlos has an accident, it burns your hands while working with acid Lazarus (Luis Gatica). In the presence of Constance (Lourdes Munguia) and Honorio (Alfredo Adame) Gonzalo (René Singles), open ojos.Julieta (Zoraida Gomez) , Adriana (Saracho Florence) and Selene (Jacky Garcia) plan something for Chema (Ferdinando Valencia) do not suffer in his last days of life. Augustine (Lisardo) is planning something for Renata (Silvia Navarro) is a disillusioned once and for all of Jerome (Juan Soler). Will the time of the triumph of the villains?

Jerome found a necklace given to him by Augustine claimed Renata and Renata. After he learned that Jerome Navy will have twins. Before the news was very bad Renata and reprimanded for having sex with her if she did not love her. Karina and Lazarus were married civilly but Alvaro has a plan and not to conclude the ceremony.

Roberta told Renata that should not have children with Jerome because it could take Fina genes. Meanwhile Augustine continues with its plan to be back with Renata. Meanwhile Ezekiel feels bad because he knows that he is betraying Augustine. Lazarus has everything ready for the wedding of Karina and Lazarus. He disguised himself so that no one recognizes it. Will stop the wedding?

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