Abismo de Pasion capitulo 1 Gran Estreno

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Abismo de Pasion capitulo 1 Gran Estreno, will broadcast at Televisa Monday 23 de enero 2012, This the first capitulo, I think this telenovela have good quality story, This telenovela will broadcast with High Quality Video and good sound, I will give the all of episode this telenovela, don't forget to check the other telenovela.

Abismo de Pasion capitulo 1 Gran Estreno description : Augusto Castanon Castanon and Stephanie Bouvier are the parents of Elisa. Carmina living with them, who will flee the town with Rosendo Arango (Alfonsina husband and father of Damian), Alfonsina aware and alert to Augustus.

Meanwhile, Stephanie tries to dissuade Rosendo to leave his family, but a car accident ends the life of both, so take advantage Carmina Augusto to believe that his wife was unfaithful.

Augustus, out of spite, he married Carmina, despite not being in love with it and love it. For its part, Alfonsina Damian decides to send out of town to study to separate it from Elisa who is a close friend, a friendship that she of course, not welcomed.

Years later, Damian returns to town, become an adult and committed Landuchi Florence, whom he met during his time studying in a boarding school in Italy.

Paolo Landuchi uncle of Florence, is captivated by the beauty of Elisa, but as she ignores him, he attempts to rape as an accomplice taking Carmina. However, when Paolo will carry out his crime, appears Damian, who savagely beats him and saves Elisa.

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